DealSmash is a mobile app that gives shoppers targeted offers on products based on their interests and buying patterns at their favourite brands and retailers. Consumers earn free shopping vouchers by scanning and sending valid shopping receipts via app while we analyse purchase data and provide valuable consumer insights to brands.


Targeted Offers

Our app uses artificial intelligence to learn your likes and dislikes and then seamlessly work with brands and retailers to share offers on things that YOU truly care about.


Scan your valid shopping receipts in our app to earn DealSmash rewards points for free shopping vouchers redeemable at our partner locations, for shopping, eating-out and much more.

Smart Shopping

Enhanced customer experience using location and proximity technology by sending in-app discount coupons on items of your interest around you. Offers on items you are most likely interested in buying.


Consumer Insights and Retail Analytics

We share Consumer insights through DealSmash analytics portal with brands so they can make better and informed decisions.

Marketing Campaigns and Surveys

Through our brand portal, brands can create their marketing campaigns, offers and marketing surveys.

Loyalty Program

Incentivize your customers to build brand loyalty. Customers earn points for shopping and engaging with your offers on DealSmash app and redeem rewards.


1. Check Offers

Check coupons with offers in brand categories of the app. Rate the coupons to get relevant coupons  under ‘Recommended Offers’ section. Add the stores of your interest to favourites to get notified whenever new offers come on that store so you never miss any new offer at your favourite store.

2. Redeem Coupons

Redeem the coupons of your interest by shopping at our featured stores and showing the coupons at checkout to avail of offers.

3. Get Free Shopping Vouchers

Scan your valid shopping receipts under the ‘Rewards’ section to earn free shopping voucher. Once you have enough reward points, select reward and request redemption to get free shopping vouchers.