Discounts – JUST FOR YOU!

Our app uses artificial intelligence to learn your likes and dislikes and then seamlessly work with our business partners to automatically create discounts on things that YOU truly care about.


Earn generous DealSmash rewards points, redeemable at our partner locations, for shopping, eating-out, rating our in-app coupons and much more.

A Growing List of Partners

We are continuously partnering with popular businesses from all sectors, ranging from your favorite restaurants and grocery stores to convenience stores and apparel shops.

Our Clients

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Do you own a retail business

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How it works

1. Download app and sign-up. Be
sure to select your preferences.
2. Browse through different
categories of discount coupons,
and save the ones you like.
3. Redeem the saved coupons
by shopping at our business partners
and showing the coupon(s) at checkout.
4. See the Rewards section of the app
to see how many points you’ve collected.
Once you have enough reward points,
request redemption and spend your
rewards at our business partners.

Why DealSmash

Smart Shopping

Enhanced customer experience using location and proximity technology by sending in-app discount coupons on items of your interest around you. Offers on items you are most likely interested in buying.

Relevant Discounts

Our app is much more than just a long list of discount coupons, because we’re using Artificial Intelligence. The more you use our app, the more it learns about your preferences and brings you the offers that you really like.

Rewards Program

Gone are the days of plastic loyalty cards. When you use our app, you get cash-equivalent points for doing things that you do on a daily basis: shop at a store, eat at a restaurant, and much more!