DealSmash is a mobile app for shoppers to provide them targeted offers on products based on their buying patterns, while providing consumer insights and retail analytics to brands. Consumers earn free shopping vouchers by scanning and sending valid shopping receipts via app while we analyse purchase data and provide valuable consumer insights to brands.


Targeted Offers

Our app uses artificial intelligence to learn your likes and dislikes and then seamlessly work with brands and retailers to share offers on things that YOU truly care about.


Shoppers scan valid shopping receipts in our app and earn DealSmash rewards points to get shopping vouchers or cashback.

Extra Rewards

Shoppers earn more reward points for engaging with the app such as liking a product or an offer, a survey, or watching a video.


Campaign Effectiveness

Measuring campaign effectiveness and gauging performance of each marketing channel.

Basket Analytics

Basket analytics (what else was bought by the shopper with your brand to plan cross-promotions and adjacencies).

Brand Growth Analytics

Brand’s performance against its competitors.

Shopper Analytics

Profiling of shoppers, their key consumption periods, frequency of visits, shopper’s loyalty. Shopper insights down to the item level.

Price and Promotions Tracking

Knowing impact of promotions to sales (are your campaigns converting offline?).

Consumer Engagement

Engaging directly with the consumers through DealSmash app to conduct promotions and surveys.

How it works