DealSmash – Making Shopping a Rewarding Experience

Has anyone told you about a mobile app that rewards you for your everyday shopping and is on a quest to make shopping a truly rewarding and pleasant experience? Welcome to DealSmash – a mobile app that provides value to shoppers through personalised offers at their favourite stores based on their interests and buying patterns.

What’s in it for me? How does it add value for me?

If you are a busy professional, an impulse buyer or a last minute shopper, who has disposable income but doesn’t have the time to plan purchases in advance, DealSmash provides personalised and relevant offers at the time when you need them. This is to ensure you don’t get spammed day and night with useless and irrelevant offers through SMS or in-app notification. For example, if you are a trendy uptown girl, DealSmash does not send you offers related to shaving gel, likewise if you are a gentleman, it does not bombard you with lipstick offers- unless your wife is using your account and has checked in the cosmetics preference on the app, which is a high possibility.

If you are a housewife, you already love to get offers and save money on everyday shopping so you can buy your favourite stiletto heels. DealSmash is the answer to your prayers because from the comfort of your home, you can explore all the value coupons in the app and save the ones you are going to use that day or later, before you go shopping.

What’s more? In addition to providing you with instant gratification in the form of value coupons, DealSmash rewards you for your loyalty through its loyalty program. It has also got regular lucky draw events (such as its popular iPhone giveaway) where signing up or using one DealSmash coupon for shopping makes one automatic entry into the lucky draw.

How is it better than a loyalty card?

With DealSmash, you don’t have to carry ten loyalty cards in your wallet in order to shop from a wide range of stores (one for grocery store, another for clothing, another for shoes and so on). All you have to do is to carry your mobile phone with you to get access to a range of value coupons using DealSmash app.

How do I use DealSmash App?

You need to download it from Play Store (for Android phone) or Apple App Store (for iPhone). You have to sign-up by simply entering mobile number and email. Finally, you have to choose your preferences (e.g. fashion, groceries, beauty, personal care, baby care) and you are good to go. You can view all the available offers, which are in the form of in-app coupons sorted in various categories. Whenever you visit any ‘DealSmash-ed retail stores’, all you need to do is to show the relevant in-app coupons within DealSmash app in your smart phone at the checkout and the checkout clerk will redeem the offer after viewing the coupons.

DealSmash has partnered with selected brands in Pakistan to offer these deals at their retail stores. If you live in Islamabad, its time for you to install the app now and smash some deals. Do follow DealSmash on Facebook and Instagram so that you don’t miss out on its best ongoing offers, update on new stores, as well as launch of new rewards and campaigns.


Ali Hasnain Shah is the CEO and co-founder of DealSmash.

Get in touch with Ali at and follow Ali on twitter at @alihshah

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