DealSmash Rewards – A Treat for All Shopaholics

DealSmash app has recently got a new feature which is a definite treat for all the shopaholics living in Islamabad. Now you can shop at your favourite store anywhere in Islamabad or Rawalpindi and earn points which are later on redeemable as shopping vouchers worth up to PKR 1500. If you live in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, hurry and download or update your DealSmash app from the link below to start accumulating DealSmash reward points:
Android app
iPhone app


Here is how it works: Whenever you buy something, take a picture of its printed receipt through DealSmash app while you are at the relevant store/shop and send it to DealSmash through the app. For every receipt sent, you’ll receive 50 reward points. Printed receipts from the following six categories are currently being accepted:

  • Fashion (Clothing, Shoes, Accessories)
  • Food (Restaurants and Hotels)
  • Salons
  • FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Good)
  • Medicine
  • Electronics

One customer can send a maximum of 15 receipts in a week. For every acceptable receipt that you send , you get 50 reward points. One reward point translates to PKR 1.00. Therefore, when you have collected 500 reward points (sent 10 receipts), you become eligible for the PKR 500 shopping voucher. Shopping vouchers are available in PKR 500, PKR 1000, PKR 1500. Once you have collected the required points, you will be able to claim the voucher from the app. Once you claim the voucher in the app, DealSmash team will contact you to get your address details and deliver the shopping voucher at your doorstep.


These shopping vouchers can be used currently at D.Watson F10 or D.Watson F11 Islamabad. You simply have to handover the voucher at the counter and you’ll be allowed to buy anything that’s equal to the worth of that voucher. e.g. if you buy something worth PKR750 and you have the PKR500 voucher, you can present the 500 voucher+ Rs.250 to get your stuff that’s worth PKR750. These shopping vouchers can’t be cashed out. You can only use them to buy something from the mentioned outlets. You have a maximum of 15 days to use this shopping voucher after it has been delivered to your doorstep. After that the voucher will expire. e.g. if you received the voucher on 15th November 2016, then you have to use the voucher by 30th November 2016. Receipts from any store/shop that comes under the above-mentioned categories and is located in either Islamabad or Rawalpindi are acceptable.

Happy Shopping!

Hamza Iftikhar is the COO and co-founder of DealSmash.

Get in touch with Hamza at and follow Hamza on twitter at @hamzaiftikhar00

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