DealSmash – Nope, we’re not just about Discount Coupons

Imagine you walk into your favorite grocery store. You’ve been visiting them since forever, and stop by every day to get stuff for your home. You buy a couple of things and proceed to the checkout counter. The cashier, a new hire, takes your 1000 rupee note, looks at you suspiciously and asks you to stand aside while he checks if your currency isn’t imitation money. Now everyone is looking at you weirdly, judging you even. You can do nothing but keep your head bowed, and you’re thinking “Kaisa sila diya tu ne mere pyaar ka?

Be it regular grocery checkout, return refusals, warranty rejections etc. you’d often find yourself being let down by your favorite store, regardless of your utmost loyalty towards them. Reason? They don’t know you’re loyal, because they have no way of knowing. Some cashiers might know you by-face, but if it’s a big store, the staff would change regularly.

Now consider this, you walk into that same old grocery store, the one where you’ve literally spent a portion of your life. As soon as you enter, a man walks up to you and greets you with a wide smile, and offers his help around the store. You are then told about some exclusive ongoing offers, based on your interests and history of purchases. And when you’re checking out, the cashier gives you an exclusive discount (only for you), plus some value coupons for next time. You are also informed if you use these coupons, you get an entry into lucky draw to win special rewards (such as the latest iPhone). You’re valued, honored, and rewarded, for your loyalty. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to DealSmash.

DealSmash is enabling businesses to identify who their loyal customers are, hence giving them a chance to offer appreciations and rewards accordingly. The concept is fairly simple, you download your DealSmash application and continue to visit the stores on DealSmash’s panel. With proximity-based sensors, or “Beacons”, the store knows you’ve entered, and based on your buying patterns, the store can personalize your shopping experience by offering you special value coupons.

In addition to getting value coupons regularly, your purchases are also logged into a reward system, giving you all the more value for your money. Plus, now that your beloved store knows that you’re loyal, there is an array of discounts and offers that they’re able to extend especially for you.

Also, the DealSmash apps identifies your purchasing patterns. This implies that it would give you regular notifications just on the items that would interest you, and not any other. For instance if you’re a guy in your twenties, the app wouldn’t bug you with anti-wrinkle cream offers. You’re also free to save the coupons in the app and use them for later.

Discount coupons and reward points are just a fraction of what DealSmash has to offer. An experience where the buyer loves to spend his money, and the seller yearns to provide him maximum value, that is how DealSmash intends to making Pakistani retail industry smart.

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