DealSmash Rewards Program: Where Rewards don’t end, even after you Checkout!

If you’re still not sure how DealSmash just isn’t another discount coupons app, we must stop you right here. Please take a couple of minutes to read through THIS, because it’s imperative to know about what we do before we tell you about our Rewards Program.

Assuming you’re completely aware of how DealSmash is making the Pakistani retail industry smart, you’d understand that personalizing your shopping experience is a truly extraordinary thing in itself. On top of that, our rewards program ensures that we give you a little extra, just because you’ve been awesome enough to use our app.

It works very simply, you get reward points and you can use them to redeem cash vouchers. Here’s how you earn those points:

Whenever you buy something from ANY STORE in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, you take a picture of the receipt that you get. Once you send us that while you’re IN (IMPORTANT!) the store, we give you 50 points for every single receipt. Again, slips must be uploaded from the store.

For now, we’re accepting receipts pertaining to the following categories:

  • Fashion (Clothing, Shoes, Accessories)
  • Food (Restaurants, Hotels)
  • Salons
  • FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
  • Medicines
  • Electronics


Each user can submit up to 15 receipts in a week.

And trust us, our rewards system hasn’t been made to get you stuck up in calculating reward points and their equivalence. We’re keeping things simple, just like they should be. Here’s how:

1 receipt = 50 points

500 points = A PKR 500 Voucher

We’re featuring a 500, a 1000 and a 1500 rupees voucher in exchange of your reward points.

As soon as you redeem them through the app, our representative gets in touch with you, asks for a mailing address, and has the voucher sent to your doorstep. You could either use the voucher alone to make purchases, or you could use it combination with money for larger bills.

The validity of your voucher would be 15 days from the day of issue, and you can’t cash them for money (sorry!).


In addition to changing the local retail scenario, DealSmash is actually going the extra mile to ensure that you as a customer feel valued, honored, and rewarded, and we’re very happy to see you using DealSmash!


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