DealSmash and Tesco Products Launch in Alpha, Karachi

DealSmash app was launched in Alpha store Karachi last month, so that you can avail discounts, deals and earn rewards on your shopping at Alpha store, Ocean Mall, Karachi. It was perfect timing for the launch as it coincided with Tesco Products launch at Alpha Store.
Pakistanis who have visited UK or have lived there would know what Tesco is all about. It is the largest retailer in Britain. Alpha has launched Tesco in Pakistan and they have exclusive right to sell Tesco products. But here’s even better news! Our app features exclusive discounts in Pakistan on Tesco products at Alpha store; including but not limited to food items (frozen and fresh), cosmetics and baby-care products.
The DealSmash team had a great time at the launch party with celebrities including Ahsan Khan, Junaid Akram, Nadeem Hussain, Sherry Rehman, Misbah Mumtaz and Omer Shahzad. The next time you need Britain’s Favourite Tesco products, you know where to go. And if you want discount on those products, you know which app to use! Keep checking out DealSmash Facebook page for our latest discounts and rewards offers. Also keep checking Alpha Facebook page for the introduction on Tesco products including some really interesting cooking recipes using Tesco products as ingredients.

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