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10 Things You do if You’re a Hardcore Shopaholic

They call us Shopaholics. We tell them we’re helping the economy. Here are 10 things all Shopaholics can relate to. Let’s begin! 1.Shop now and Starve Later A Shopaholic says “Challenge Accepted!” with a broad grin. When you have money to either go shopping or go dining, a hardcore shopaholic chooses shopping. After all, food … Read more

6 Best Deals for Eid-ul-Azha 2017

The Hajj season is here and in the spirit of sacrifice, the ‘Baa’s of Bakras and the ‘Moo’s of the cows, we begin asking each other: “Yaar Eid ke kapray le liye?” “Bakre le liye? Nahi? Chal sath chalein gay mandi.” “Outing ka plan hai Eid pe ya sirf sona hai?” Still haven’t bought clothes … Read more

8 Things to Know about DealSmash Invite Program!

“Yaar aik card la dena bahir se. Khatam ho gaya hai” “Tu call kar mere pass package nai hai” We’ve all been there. Whether we have to send an important text or make an urgent call, we realize, with some vexation, that we are out of credit. DealSmash mobile App saw this need of its … Read more

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