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Smashing Friday Deals 2017- Best Offers in Pakistan

  So this controversy on ‘Kala’ Friday and ‘Safed’ Friday has us on our wit’s end. Call it orange, blue, green or rainbow Friday, if you please- the main thing is the countless discount offers dosto. And while such deals and discounts should be extended to Eid/ Ramadan as well, now’s not the time to … Read more

10 Things You do if You’re a Hardcore Shopaholic

They call us Shopaholics. We tell them we’re helping the economy. Here are 10 things all Shopaholics can relate to. Let’s begin! 1.Shop now and Starve Later A Shopaholic says “Challenge Accepted!” with a broad grin. When you have money to either go shopping or go dining, a hardcore shopaholic chooses shopping. After all, food … Read more

6 Best Deals for Eid-ul-Azha 2017

The Hajj season is here and in the spirit of sacrifice, the ‘Baa’s of Bakras and the ‘Moo’s of the cows, we begin asking each other: “Yaar Eid ke kapray le liye?” “Bakre le liye? Nahi? Chal sath chalein gay mandi.” “Outing ka plan hai Eid pe ya sirf sona hai?” Still haven’t bought clothes … Read more

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