How to use DealSmash Mobile App

How to Use DealSmash Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

1. What is the service about? Or What is DealSmash? 
DealSmash is a mobile app (available on iOS and Android) that provides shoppers personalized deals and discounts based on their
interests and shopping patterns.


2. How can we avail the service?
DealSmash mobile app is available for Android and iOS. You can download it from Apple App Store (if you have got iPhone) or from Android Play Store (if you have got Android mobile phone). Register yourself anytime and in order to avail discounts, visit our partner stores where the discount coupon is available.


3. Are discounts available only through application?
Yes. You can only avail the discounts in-store by showing the discount coupon at the checkout counter to the checkout clerk.


4. On what brands and retailers DealSmash discounts are available?
D-Watson F10, D-Watson F11, Subway F8, Subway Commercial Market, Jugnu's F7, Guilty Pleasures, Alpha at Ocean Mall Karachi. We plan to spread to other brands and fashion stores in the next few months. Keep checking our Facebook page as well as our app for updates. 


5. When will it come in our city/area?
Currently, we're operating in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi. 


6. What do I have to pay to use DealSmash service?   
The mobile app is free of charge. The shopper pays nothing. We partner up with the brands and retailers. As we help improve their sales and revenues, by providing value to their customers (shoppers), we charge the brands and retailers some fee for providing this service.


7. Is the mobile app free of charge?


8. Can I shop online as well?
No, it is only available in the physical stores


9. Why have you launched this service?
Our team has a combined experience of over 40 years in Mobile, IT and Retail in US, Europe and Middle East. Having experienced similar services in first-world countries where they are providing exceptional value to the shoppers by providing relevance, our aim is to offer the same to the shoppers in Pakistan.


10. Do I need data connection or WiFi to use the mobile app?
Yes, you need a data connection or WiFi to use the mobile app. You can use it at home using your WiFi. We have provided WiFi at store outlets where we are operating.


11. Is there any helpline number I can call if I face issues in using the app, redeeming coupon or in getting discount?
Yes, please feel free to call DealSmash support team at our helpline: 0334 5055330 between 9AM to 6PM. Out of these hours, please email us at support@dealsmash.co 


 12. Does the app only offer me discounts coupons while I am in the store?
No, we also send you notifications while you are outside the store or at home to remind you about the coupons that you have got based on your interests and buying patterns.


 13.  Can I save the discount coupons, which I like?
Yes, you can save the coupons that you like by hitting ‘save’ button, so they appear separately in the ‘Saved Coupons’ menu. They appear highlighted in green.


 14. Your app has got many discount coupons on various items and I cannot search a specific coupon while I am in store. It takes too long to scroll down the long list of coupons to find my favourite coupon. Do you have search feature or category based view?
We strongly advise you to update DealSmash mobile app to the latest version. In our most recent release, we have added features of category-based view as well as Search. So the coupons belonging to one particular category appear under that category and so on. Also, now the latest version of our app offers a search feature for your favorite coupons. So if you start typing the name of the coupon, it will appear in the search result.


15.  Your slogan is ‘Personalised discounts at your Favourite Stores’. What does that mean?
Personalised discounts means we ask you about your preferences, once you download the mobile app and sign-up. We use these preferences that you selected in the beginning to start offering you discounts when you start using the app for the first time. As you start using our coupons and our mobile app more often, we start offering you relevant discounts based on your buying patterns as well as your interests. If you forgot to select interests at the time when you signed-up initially for our app, you can update your interests anytime by going into: Settings -> Profile -> Interests


16. What personal information you ask me to provide when I sign-up for DealSmash?
We ask you to provide your name, your mobile number and your email address. It asks you for setting your password as well. That’s all we need to get you started.


17. I am told if I turn on Bluetooth in the store during shopping, I’ll be getting discount coupons as I walk down certain sections of the store. Is that correct?
Yes, you get more value if you have Bluetooth on. We have got some cool technology that we use in the store to know which section of the shop you are visiting and we send you relevant discount coupons based on your interests on items placed in that section. 


18. Is it essential to turn on Bluetooth in the store?
No, it is not essential. If you turn it on in the store, you get additional discount coupons in certain sections of the shops based on your interests and items placed in those sections. However, if you keep it turned off, you still continue to receive relevant discount coupons even when you are at home while you are connected to internet.


19. Does your app drain battery as it uses Bluetooth?
We are using a technology that is called Bluetooth Low Energy which uses much less battery than older conventional Bluetooth. So it won’t drain your battery if you turn it on while in the store.


20. What other services your app does use in the background?
Our mobile app uses Data and GPS. It asks you for permission to use GPS to provide you relevant offers at the nearby stores. This location based feature will prove to be really useful when we expand to other stores.


21. I am unable to sign-in. What should I do?
Please make sure you sign-in using the same mobile number that you used while signing-up. If you forget your mobile number or password, please choose the option ‘forgot mobile number or password’ in order to reset your password.


22. Can I download your mobile app anywhere in the world?
Yes, but you can only use it when you visit our partner retail store. Currently we are targeting the retail stores only in Islamabad (Pakistan).


23. Will you be sending me spam in-app push notifications all the time?
No, our aim is to send you only relevant push notifications.


24. Is there a limit to the number of receipts I can upload from 1 store? 
Yes. You can only upload 1 receipt from 1 store in a day. But you can shop and send receipts from other stores to get more reward points!


25. I went home and uploaded my shopping receipt. Why was it rejected?
Because DealSmash only accepts receipts scanned from inside the store. Our app is Geofenced- meaning, we verify your purchase through your location at the time of receipt scanning.


26. Can I scan older receipts to get reward points?
No, you cannot. We must get your receipt immediately after shopping while you are still at the store. Receipts uploaded on a later date or outside the shopping store will not be accepted.


27. Do you have social media presence?
Yes, please check out our facebook page: www.facebook.com/dealsmash
Please don’t forget to hit the like button on our facebook page.
Also, don’t forget to follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/DealSmash15
Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram as well: https://www.instagram.com/dealsmash/


28. Can I get my pending reward vouchers from past months?
Pending reward vouchers of past months cannot be delivered as their expiry date cannot be renewed.


29. What if I was not available when the reward voucher was being delivered to my address?
In that case, we will send the voucher again to your address but please note that reward vouchers will not be delivered after two attempts of Courier service. So kindly make sure, when our team contacts you for the address, you provide the relevant address and contact where you're readily available.


Reward FAQs

1. How can I download the application?
DealSmash mobile app is available for Android and iOS. You can download it from Apple App Store (if you have got iPhone) or from Android Play Store (if you have got Android mobile phone). Register yourself anytime.


2. How can I avail the rewards scheme?
Whenever you buy something, take a picture of its printed receipt through our app while you are at the relevant store/shop and send it to us. Note that we take 3 working days to do receipt verification. For every receipt sent, you’ll receive 25 reward points.


3. Which receipts can I send?
Printed receipts from the following six categories will be accepted

  1. Fashion (Clothing, Shoes, Accessories)
  2. Food (Restaurants and Hotels)
  3. Salons
  4. Grocery
  5. Medicine
  6. Electronics


4.  Is there a limit on the number of receipts that I can send?
Yes, one user can send a maximum of 15 receipts in a week. 


5.  How do the reward points work?
For every acceptable receipt that you send us, you get 25 reward points. We have two different categories of vouchers;

  1. 500 voucher
  2. 1000 voucher

2 reward points = 1 Rupee. Therefore, when you have collected 500 reward points (sent 20 receipts), you become eligible for the Rs.250 shopping voucher.


6. How will I get this shopping voucher?
Once you have collected the required points, you will be able to claim the voucher from the application. Once you claim the voucher, we’ll contact you to get your address details and deliver the shopping voucher at your doorstep.


7. Where and how can I use these shopping vouchers?
These shopping vouchers can be used at Subway F8 branch Islamabad and Subway Commercial Market, Rawalpindi. You simply have to handover the voucher at the counter and you’ll be allowed to buy anything that’s equal to the worth of that voucher. E.g., If you buy something worth Rs.750 and you have the Rs.500 voucher, you can present the 500 voucher+ Rs.250 to get your stuff that’s worth Rs.750.


8. Can the shopping vouchers be cashed out?
No, the shopping vouchers can’t be cashed out. You can only use them to buy something from the mentioned outlets.


9. For how long would this shopping voucher be valid?
You have a maximum of 10 days to use this shopping voucher after it has been delivered to your doorstep. After that the voucher will expire. E.g., if you received the voucher on 1st November 2016, then you have to use the voucher before 11th November 2016.


10. Which location (city’s) receipts can I send?
Currently, we're operating in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. Any store/shop that comes under the mentioned categories (in point 4) and is located in either Islamabad or Rawalpindi is acceptable.


11. What do I have to pay to use DealSmash Rewards service?
The mobile app is free of charge. The shopper pays nothing. We partner up with the brands and retailers. As we help improve their sales and revenues, by providing value to their customers (shoppers), we charge the brands and retailers some fee for providing this service.


12. Why is it essential to turn on our location to send the receipt?
It’s essential to turn on your location for this app to send a receipt because we need to verify the identity of those receipts.


13. Is there any minimum receipt amount which should be kept it mind before sending to gain the points?
Yes. The receipt sent must be of at least Rs.50 amount to gain the points.