8 Things to Know about DealSmash Invite Program!

“Yaar aik card la dena bahir se. Khatam ho gaya hai”

“Tu call kar mere pass package nai hai”

We’ve all been there. Whether we have to send an important text or make an urgent call, we realize, with some vexation, that we are out of credit. DealSmash mobile App saw this need of its users and came up with a joint strategy: bring your friends to DealSmash App and we’ll give you free mobile card! Come on, who doesn’t want free cards?

DealSmash is a smart shopping app in Pakistan that is all about shopping, relevant discounts and discount offers in Pakistan. You can find discounts in Islamabad and deals from famous brands.

People loved the invite program and more and more people wanted to download the app that came with muft card! Here are 8 things you need to know about DealSmash invite program:


1. When you request your friend to sign up with your invite code

Card ki zaroorat hai bhai!


2. When you FINALLY get your FREE mobile card:

‘OMG abhi karaati hoon SMS package’


3.      When you miss “Claim Card” by seconds and it’s gone:

“Naheeeeeeeee. Meine lena thaaaa”


4. When you are tired using DealSmash App all day

‘Card kab aaein gay… card kab aaein gay’


5. When you are hurt and call DealSmash App “fake”

‘Kya kaha? Fake App? Abhi kal hi 2 cards le k bethay ho’


6. When you keep bugging DealSmash Facebook Admin to tell you time when new cards will be added and they say:

“Na na na na naaa re naaa re naaa re”


7. When you get a notification that cards will be added soon:

“Notification aa gaye. Bhagoooo!”


8. When you don’t get a card all week

‘Hafta ho gaya hai aik card bhi nai mila! *Hulk mode*’


So what are you waiting for? Download DealSmash App and check out best discounts in Islamabad/ Pindi and earn free cards by inviting friends and family!

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