6 Best Deals for Eid-ul-Azha 2017

The Hajj season is here and in the spirit of sacrifice, the ‘Baa’s of Bakras and the ‘Moo’s of the cows, we begin asking each other:

“Yaar Eid ke kapray le liye?”
“Bakre le liye? Nahi? Chal sath chalein gay mandi.”
“Outing ka plan hai Eid pe ya sirf sona hai?”

Still haven’t bought clothes or decided where to go for Eid? Relax, DealSmash has got you covered. We will tell you about best deals in Pakistan and more importantly, deals in Islamabad. So install the App now to make sure you won’t miss out on the best deals in Pakistan.

1. 40% off at Gul Ahmed
Okay ladies and gentlemen, 40% OFF is no joke. You gotta rush and get yourself a pretty dress for Eid ul Azha, right away!

Gul Ahmed 40% Off


2. 25% OFF at Origins:

Origins announced that they just have around 130+ designs. So if you want to wear Origins this Eid, you need to hustle or all the good designs will be taken.

Origins- 25% OFF


3. 50% OFF at Engine

Yes. We also have no idea why a clothing brand has the name “Engine”. But who cares? They have 50% OFF on Men, women and kids summer/ Eid stock.

50% OFF at Engine


4. OPTP Eid Deal for PKR 600

OPTP is serving any 2 GMC Chicken Burgers, 1 Original Fries (Plain or Masala), and 2 Regular Drinks in just Rs.600/- The offer is valid till 4th September which means that if you want to dine out but not eat anything too expensive, you should avail this deal.

OPTP Eid Offer


5. 40% OFF at Kurta Corner [Eid-ul-Azha Collection]

Gentlemen! We found something for you too lest you feel left out. From Qurbaani to distributing meat around the neighborhood, you work really hard. So, make sure you get yourself a new Kurta at an amazing 40% discount too.

40% discount at Kurta Corner


6. 30% OFF at Kaysaria

Kaysaria’s Eid ul Azha sale covers a mix of embroidered, embellished and colorful prints and a flat 30% OFF. So you’ve got an occasion to celebrate: Eid; you’ve got an App with all discounts: DealSmash and you’ve got a chance to choose from a diversity of brands!

30% discount at Kayseria


This is just the tip of the ice berg. There are 100+ brands in DealSmash App and so much more for you to explore. Imagine all your favorite brands. Now, imagine discounts/ deals on all of them. Now, just imagine finding ALL the stores and discounts you LOVE in one place. That place is DealSmash App. What else could you wish for?

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