10 Things You do if You’re a Hardcore Shopaholic

They call us Shopaholics. We tell them we’re helping the economy. Here are 10 things all Shopaholics can relate to. Let’s begin!

1.Shop now and Starve Later

A Shopaholic says “Challenge Accepted!” with a broad grin. When you have money to either go shopping or go dining, a hardcore shopaholic chooses shopping. After all, food is khaya piya hazam kiya. We’ll survive on salad, right?



2. Feeling Sad? Go for some retail therapy!

Whether it’s bad grades, bad breakup or simply a bad day, shopping cures all! When you shop, brain releases some cool cool hormones like endorphins which give you a sense of achievement. There you go! Even science agrees.



3. You love the swipe of Debit/ Credit card

Come on! You have to admit you like it. A swipe of the card, some numbers crunched on the machine and the “khoobsoorat maal” is yours.



4. Sale hi Sale baji, Sale hi Sale!

You obsessively search for best sales in town and rush to shop when you find it you run like Flash!



5. You just HAAAAAVE to bargain while shopping

A true shopaholic likes to earn their prize. After a few minutes of bargaining you are about to leave and

“Acha jo aap kehte hain. Aap ke liye kam kar dete hain. Poore Pakistan mein is price pe nai mile ga bhai jaan/ baji. Poori dunya hi dhoond lein ye piece nai mile ga.”



6. You become the Fashion expert

That Khushi when someone says

“Ye Kahan se liya hai”

“Meine shopping karni hai mujhe suggest karo kahan se karoon”

You clear your throat, put on your smug grin and tell them.



7. You have experienced the “Pricey Electric Shock”

Sometimes you pick up something you fall in love with. You’re holding it dearly and then you glance at the price and the love disappears like

“Nahi yaar you’re out of my league. It’s not you, it’s me. Not you, me. Tata”



8. You never have enough clothes or shoes

Haters gonna hate, my dear shopaholic. So what if you’ve got a closet-full of your favorite clothes/ shoes. Sometimes we just don’t have the right outfit for right occasion, right? Off to the Mall!



9. You’ve faced the Online Shopping Cart Dilemma

Shopping online and going like

“Oooh I like this. Add to the cart… This too… Adding to cart… this definitely goes in the cart…”

And the bill comes in 5 figures *wide-eyes and shocked* so you have to take out half the items  because you’re no Ivanka Trump and your father isn’t President of the United States.


10. You love displaying your “spoils of war” after a successful shopping trip

Oh, the ecstasy you feel when you unpack all shopping bags and spread your trophies all over your bed to have a loooong good look with a satisfied smile on your face.



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