Smashing Friday Deals 2017- Best Offers in Pakistan


So this controversy on ‘Kala’ Friday and ‘Safed’ Friday has us on our wit’s end. Call it orange, blue, green or rainbow Friday, if you please- the main thing is the countless discount offers dosto. And while such deals and discounts should be extended to Eid/ Ramadan as well, now’s not the time to get into these debates.

Now is the time to decide how to avail the opportunity that has presented itself as ‘Black Friday Sale’. Who doesn’t love hefty sales and discounts?

Here’s our pick of the best Back Friday deals 2017 and discount offers. You can find more offers in DealSmash mobile App.

  1. Khaadi Black Friday Sale: Upto 50% OFF

Although the Sale is on selected items but still, it’s Khaadi. Discount is available both in stores and online.
Expiry: 24th Nov. 2017


  1. Flat 31% OFF on Stylo Shoes!

Okay so this sale in on ENTIRE stock! No kidding! They’re calling it the Blessed Friday. So don’t waste time and grab your new pair of shoes.
Expiry: 26th Nov. 2017


  1. Upto 75% discount for Friday Frenzy at Dolmen Mall Karachi!

Karachiites! Upto 75% OFF on various brands at Dolmen Mall!
Expiry: 24th Nov. 2017


  1. Black Friday Travel with – Upto 75% OFF

Get discounts with hotels and airlines whether national or international with It’s time to fly away.
Expiry: Valid only for 24th Nov. 2017


  1. Tarzz Sale for Black Friday: Upto 70% OFF

Tarzz is now added to and you can’t miss this amazing offer. Visit daraz and get the 70% discount.
Expiry: 26th Nov. 2017


  1. Fabulous Friday from Rang Ja: Upto 50% OFF

Get the entire stock for upto half price. This is huge. The offer is both for stores as well as online. Ladies, no more wait for you.
Expiry: 26th Nov. 2017


  1. The Great Friday Sale at Bonanza Satrangi: Upto 70% OFF

This exclusive 70% is now ONLINE! What’s keeping you from going to their website and ordering? Off you go then!
Expiry: 26th Nov. 2017


  1. 70% OFF on top brands at GIGA MALL

Giga Mall is offering upto 70% OFF dear shopaholics! It’s Black Friday sale on your favourite brands from 24th to 26th this month.
Expiry: 26th Nov. 2017


  1. Gul Ahmed Ideas: 70% OFF

Gul Ahmed is offering 70% off on not just apparel but also but also Fabric, Handbag, Shoes and Home Textile. So go to stores or shop online!
Expiry: Sale starts 25th Nov 2017


  1. Broadway Pizza Deal! Flat 50% OFF on Large Pizza

Get 50% OFF on the 13” pizza at Broadway pizza outlet for Black Friday! Feeling hungry right now? Call 111-339-339 or visit their website to place an order. After all, it’s 50% OFF.
Expiry: 24th Nov. 2017

So what are you waiting for? Off you go shopping! DealSmash App has more of these offers for you. Download the App on iOS and Android and browse through your favorite brands!

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