Valentine or No Valentine? DealSmash has picked out best deals for you anyway!

Amid all the debates that we will not get into about banning/ not banning, celebrating/ not celebrating the 14th of February, DealSmash has brought something useful for you: Targeted Offers and discounts!

Whether your relationship status is single, taken or it’s complicated; you need to take advantage of these amazing offers for this week. Let us begin!


  1. Depilex’s Love is in the Air:

Ladies and ladies! Depilex has wonderful deals till 18th Feb. Treat yourself like a queen even if no on else does. Get a massage, skin glow, Mani-Pedi and so much more!


Get a nice makeover with Depilex!


2. Deals with Depilex’s Love Affair:

Gentlemen! Time for some massages, haircuts, shaves and grooming all in just PKR 2000 from Depilex Men. Valentines day or not, we should always look our best, right?

Depilex Men


3. Aztec Chocolates at 30% OFF!

Know anyone who doesn’t love chocolates? We don’t either! Time to get chocolates for your loved ones and that too at 30% discount for Standard Chartered card holders.

What’s more classy than Chocolates in a Heart box!


4. FLAT 50% discount at edenrobe:

FLAT 50% OFF is reason enough to want to go shopping. This hefty discount isn’t going to stay forever, ladies. There’s no point in waiting and thinking. Rush to stores and order online because the winter stock isn’t going to last forever!

50% OFF FLAT discount at edenrobe


5. Accessorize yourself with a 70% OFF!

Well, if you already have something new to wear, what about accessories? What about shoes, bags, jewelry, eh? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered for you. Accessorize has a FLAT 70% OFF! Accessorize under a budget.

Don’t miss out on 70% OFF clearance sale!

So what are you waiting for? Off you go shopping! DealSmash App has more of these offers for you. Top quality and also light on the pocket. We recommend targeted offers and you can get cashback by sending us your shopping receipts. Download the App on iOS and Android and browse through your favorite brands!

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